Unboxed in the street, Feat; Mountain Dew and Maurcoy

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Unboxed in the street, Feat; Mountain Dew and Maurcoy

Let's shred in the street. Kingswell and Maurcoy UNBOXES the Mountain Dew van

Mountain Dew surprised pro skateboarder Maurio McCoy with a literal box truck full of features from Dew Tour and TikTok. In their next segment of Unboxed presented by TikTok, Mt Dew pulls up curbside to Maurio’s favorite store, the best skate shop in Los Angeles, Kingswell, where he and his homies were able to dig into a delivery of rails, a launch ramp, a box, a lunch table, and much more. See their reactions to the goods as they size up each obstacle before firing up a huge session outside the shop.


About Unboxed presented by TikTok:

From Mountain Dew:

This past year, with most events on pause, we’ve created a way to bring the excitement of the Dew Tour right to the skaters’ doorstep. Along with TikTok, we’ve produced a truckload of skate features, literally. In Unboxed, a loaded-up truck will hand-deliver these items to some of your favorite pro skateboarders. Once delivered, the pros will unbox the truck and have the chance to set up the features any way they like for endless creative possibilities.